Scientific & Special Sessions

Scientific Sessions:

  • Implications from nanoparticles released across life cycle of nano-enabled products: Exposures and risks beyond occupational settings with emphasis on implications at consumer level and end of life
  • Standardization for nanomaterial genotoxicity testing for regulatory impact
  • Nanotoxicology’s impact on nanocommercialization
  • Adverse outcome pathways and systems biology approaches in nano-risk science
  • Nanoceria: benefits and risks
  • Alternative testing strategies, categorization, and decision-making framework for nano-EHS regulatory purposes
  • Influence of nanoparticle-biocorona on cellular responses
  • Nanoparticle dosimetry: Concordance between in vitro and in vivo model systems
        Nano Dosimetry Workshop
  • Lessons from the real world: What is human nanotoxicology telling us?
  • Nanotechnology for neuroscience
  • PBPK modeling of nanoparticle biodistribution
  • Environmental exposures to nanomaterials: Methods, approaches, detection, and modeling
  • Green nanomaterials: the fusion product of green chemistry/toxicology with nanotoxicology
  • New breakthroughs in ENM toxicity assessment
  • Ramifications of nanomaterials exposures on the maternal-fetal interface and prenatal development
  • Lessons from mouse models of susceptibility to ENM-induced lung disease
  • Emerging nanomaterials: What’s next?

Special Sessions:

  • Young Investigator’s Colloquium
  • Hands-on In Vivo and In Vitro Dosimetry Workshop